Our company has had technology and know-how
accumulated, since foundation as the exporter, manufactuerer of textile processing preparation and after processing mochines in demestic, and we have played the role of motive power as a domestic front-runner.
Thanks to the warm concern of customers, that was possible.
And we couldn't conceited because of your smarting advice
and reproof.
Our company will make a great contribution towards the textile processing preparation and after processing mochines
accumulated technology and experience up to now.
Now we think it depends on the concern of customers.
At present We will be a good example for other companies by complement, development of performance of not only brand
new,but existing model, and showing off the thorough artisan and pro spirit.
We, of course, have created domestic emands. and we do much for the enlargement of export in foreign marketplace at the present time.
Everything relys on the choice of customers,and sung bok people feel a day would be very short today for your expectation.

Thank you..... Park hee bok